Mandatory Athlete Physical Requirement

As of June 1st, 2016, USA Boxing requires proof of a current annual Sports Clearance physical attached to an athlete’s passbook to be able to compete in USA Boxing/NCBA sanctioned events.  USA Boxing has developed a Medical Clearance form for this purpose. This form can be found on the Join page of the NCBA website next to other athlete and club forms.  The form, once completed, should be forwarded to your regional registration chair for filing with your boxer record.  You should keep the bottom portion of the last page and staple it into your passbook.


Check with the health center at your college or the sports medicine office for assistance in completing this requirement.  We are now required to check at all NCBA sanctioned events for this form so start working on this requirement immediately.  A physical that you complete this fall (2016) will be in effect throughout 2017 as well.

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Registration Renewal time

Coaches and Athletes, USA Boxing registration is effective from January to December.  So, it is time to renew your club and individual registrations.

Step 1:  Coach or other non-athlete renews individual registration.  This includes the requirement to complete the SafeSport training.

Step 2:  Coach or non-athlete renews the club.

Step 3:  Athlete registration.  Renewing athletes simply print new membership card and staple inside current passbook.  New athletes create account, register and send registration confirmation with photo ID (with birthdate) and two head photos to your regional registration chair so they can create your passbook.

Step 4:  Check out the events page on the NCBA website for competition opportunities.


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Wall Street Journal article on College Boxing

Check out the latest good news about the rise of college boxing on campus.  This does not happen without the dedication of our volunteers and, of course, our outstanding student-athletes.

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New Website is Live

Check out the new website – same address ( but new look and more info.  Let us know what else you need to get your season started.

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Rule Proposal to allow NCBA Boxers to compete in Olympic Trials Qualifer without losing eligibility,

Update:  The NCBA Executive Committee agreed to permit NCBA boxers to compete in the Olympic Trial Qualifers. However, any boxer that advanced beyond the first round would be up for eligibility review. Example considerations would be number of bouts won and the level of competition.

Jim McNally and a few other coaches have expressed a desire to create a rule allowing NCBA Boxers to compete in the Olympic Trials Qualifer without losing NCBA eligibility.  Our rule in the past has been that NCBA boxers that compete in an advancing tournament or any event that might result in any national ranking would make that boxer ineligible for the NCBA (specifically regional and national championship participation).  Please see the proposal that Coach McNally provided:


Proposal:  To allow NCBA boxers who still have eligibility to compete in Olympic qualifying tournaments every four years when they come up.

For example, USAB is hosting Pathway to the Podium Olympic qualifying tournaments this spring and summer.

Rational: it would be great for a collegiate boxer to say they qualified for the Olympic trials.

However, if they were to win and make the Olympic team, they forfeit the rest of their NCBA eligibility. This does not allow them to compete in any other open class national tournaments like the Golden Gloves, US Championships, national PAL or the Ringside Tournament.

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Greetings NCBA Coaches, Officials and Athletes.  This is the new blog site for the NCBA.  It is our intent to use this site to make announcements and to provide a forum to discuss issues, rule changes and boxing topics in a collaborative manner with the greatest reach possible.  So, please check the NCBA Home page ( frequently for new topics and opportunities to contribute.  If you want to suggest a topic for discussion, send your idea to  Thanks.

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